You're the One™

Here's a blue-ribbon grabber that goes great guns in the garden, too. Perfectly miniature-ized Hybrid Tea shaped buds of cream open very formally with several blushing shades of pink. But beyond the show table, this baby will knock 'em dead in the landscape with a bushy flowerful plant you can tuck into smaller spaces to create a riot of color. Loads of deep glossy green leaves provide the perfect background for the ever-changing show of plentiful pinkness.

General Information

  • Class Patio/Miniature
  • Cultivar cv. WEKtaclagoma
  • Patent PPAF
  • Plant Habit Medium-tall
  • Growth Habit Rounded, very bushy
  • Plant Height 18 to 24 inches
  • Foliage Color Deep glossy green
  • Flower Color Ivory white blushing pink & finishing ruby
  • Flower Size Medium, about 1½ to 2" inches in diameter
  • Flower Form Miniature Hybrid Tea shape
  • Petal Count 20 to 25
  • Parentage Santa Claus x Goldmarie
  • Hybridizer Tom Carruth
  • Intro Year 2012
  • Introduced By Weeks Roses