Wild Blue Yonder™

You'll be ridin' high over the saturated scent, bold new-fangled colors & camellia-likeform. The first lavender-toned rose to take the AARS award in over 20 years, clusters of ruffled ruby-red-purple blossoms give a great show of distinct lavender 'eyes'. Clean deep green leaves make this vigorous Grandiflora a mean bouquet machine for the garden. Deeper colors in cool temps. Gets better with establishment.

General Information

  • Class Grandiflora
  • Cultivar cv. WEKisosblip
  • Patent Pat.#18,554
  • Plant Habit Medium-tall
  • Growth Habit Upright, bushy
  • Plant Height 4 to 5 feet
  • Stem Length Medium-long
  • Foliage Color Rich glossy green
  • Disease Resistance Excellent
  • Flower Color Deep reddish-purple with a lavender 'eyezone'
  • Bud Form Pointed, full & fat
  • Flower Size Large, up to 4½ inch diameter
  • Flower Form Ruffled & wavy – almost camellia-like
  • Petal Count 25 to 30
  • Parentage [(International Herald Tribune x R. soulieana derivative) x (Sweet Chariot x Blue Nile)] x (Blueberry Hill x Stephen's Big Purple)
  • Hybridizer Tom Carruth
  • Intro Year 2006
  • Introduced By Weeks Roses
  • AARS Winner AARS—2006
  • Fragrant List Fragrant

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