Ever seen a rose stand up and say 'Howdy'? Vavoom has the color that'll do the trick. Its bright orange juice tones might make your eyes pucker…but its sweet treat of glowing color lasts to the very end of every long-lived blossom. Put that gleaming orange against deep mahogany red new growth & glossy green leaves & you've got a lollapalooza for the landscape. The rounded compact plant can tuck into limited spaces. Caution: Sunglasses may be required! Improves with establishment.

General Information

  • Class Floribunda
  • Cultivar cv. WEKjutono
  • Patent Pat.#20,166
  • Plant Habit Medium height
  • Growth Habit Compact, rounded
  • Plant Height 24 to 28 inches
  • Stem Length Medium
  • Foliage Color Deep glossy green, very dark red new shoots
  • Disease Resistance Good
  • Flower Color Orange-juice orange
  • Bud Form Fat & full
  • Flower Size Medium (about 3 to 4 inch diameter)
  • Flower Form Ruffled, double
  • Petal Count Over 35
  • Parentage Julie Newmar x Top Notch
  • Hybridizer Tom Carruth
  • Intro Year 2007
  • Introduced By Weeks Roses
  • Fragrant List Fragrant