Can an aquatic divinity enjoy fragrance? If so, Neptune would surely be spirited away after one sniff of his very own rose. You'll idolize the big blossoms of luscious lavender tinged with just a touch of purple. Certain to garner awards, the abundant blooms arrive on a praise-worthy plant with large glossy green leaves, good vigor and strong vitality. It's no myth, just take a whiff! Best bloom size in cooler temps.

General Information

  • Class Hybrid Tea
  • Cultivar cv. WEKhilpurnil
  • Patent Pat.#16,614
  • Plant Habit Medium
  • Growth Habit Upright, bushy
  • Plant Height 4 to 5 feet
  • Plant Width 22 to 28 inches
  • Stem Length Medium to long
  • Foliage Color Large, dark green, glossy
  • Disease Resistance Very good
  • Flower Color Lavender blushed purple on the very edge of the petals
  • Bud Form Pointed & ovoid
  • Flower Size Large (about 4½ to 5½ in inches diameter)
  • Flower Form High centered, sometimes in clusters of 2 to 3 flowers
  • Petal Count Over 35
  • Parentage (Blueberry Hill x Stephen's Big Purple) x Blue Nile
  • Hybridizer Tom Carruth
  • Intro Year 2005
  • Introduced By Weeks Roses
  • Fragrant List Fragrant