Love's Magic

BIG voluptuous red roses come to most people's mind when they think of a rose. Now if you put that atop a long stem and bless the blossom with a sweet perfume, you're getting the drift as to why this older German hybrid is still around. Add shapely pointed buds, glossy green leaves and super vigor, now you're getting the full picture. A proven performer. Can make a very big plant in mild climates.

General Information

  • Class Hybrid Tea
  • Plant Habit Tall
  • Growth Habit Upright
  • Plant Height 35 to 47 inches
  • Plant Width Up to 32 inches
  • Stem Length Long
  • Foliage Color Rich medium green
  • Disease Resistance Good
  • Flower Color Pure clear velvet red
  • Bud Form Pointed and shapely
  • Flower Size Large, over 5 inches diameter
  • Flower Form Classic HT
  • Petal Count Over 35
  • Parentage Detroiter X Crimson King
  • Hybridizer W. Kordes & Sons
  • Intro Year 2001

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