Easy Going™

If you thought life was good when we brought you Livin' Easy, you'll need to buy an extra hammock to deal with Easy Going. It's just like 'Mom' in every way except color…same glossy foliage, same great flower power, same bushy habit, same great disease resistance. But one color gene has inexplicably dropped out (a 'sport') to give even brighter green foliage and a delectable peachy golden yellow color that holds to the very end. Scrumptious! Consistent in every climate. Great in mass plantings. Only available budded.

General Information

  • Class Floribunda
  • Cultivar cv. HARflow
  • Patent Pat.#10,478
  • Plant Habit Medium
  • Growth Habit Rounded, bushy
  • Plant Height 35 inches to 5 feet
  • Plant Width Width of 2'
  • Stem Length Medium-length, good for cutting
  • Foliage Color Bright glossy green
  • Disease Resistance Excellent
  • Flower Color Glowing golden yellow
  • Bud Form Long & pointed
  • Flower Size Large, 4-inch diameter
  • Flower Form Double, ruffled
  • Petal Count 25 to 30
  • Parentage Sport of Livin' Easy™
  • Hybridizer Philip Harkness
  • Intro Year 1999
  • Introduced By Weeks Roses