Candy Land

Just imagine sizable Hybrid-Tea-shaped blossoms carried in huge clusters on a very showy Climber. Now add a color that gives 'eye candy' a whole new meaning with swirls of impetuous pink spun with creamy ivory yellow. Top it all off with some of the most glorious gorgeous glossy foliage in rosedom – lush, clean & apple-green. This all lends a winning combination, especially when it comes to vigorous hardy easy-care Climbers. One of our very best yet! Blooms & reblooms well in the very first year.

General Information

  • Class Climber
  • Cultivar cv. WEKrosopela
  • Patent Pat.#19,776
  • Plant Habit Long canes of 10 to 12 feet
  • Growth Habit Medium-large for a Climber
  • Plant Height 12 to 15 feet
  • Stem Length Medium
  • Foliage Color Glossy bright green, very abundant
  • Disease Resistance Excellent
  • Flower Color Deep luscious pink swirled with creamy yellow
  • Bud Form Pointed & ovoid
  • Flower Size Large
  • Flower Form Classical Hybrid-Tea form, in clusters
  • Petal Count Around 25
  • Parentage Rosy Outlook x Pretty Lady
  • Hybridizer Tom Carruth
  • Intro Year 2008
  • Introduced By Weeks Roses

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