2015 Introductions

Sparkle & Shine
Good As Gold
White Licorice
Sugar Moon
From left to right: Anna's Promise™, Doris Day, Neil Diamond & Take It Easy™.

What's New for 2015?

Our industry welcomes the new introductions for Spring 2015 beginning with our summer trade shows, i.e. Licensing Expo, Cultivate '14 (aka OFA), PANTS, GWA, TNLA, IGC (Chicago).

Anna's Promise™ graces the red carpet as the first in a series of roses to be introduced over the next 5 years inspired by the NBC-Universal Masterpiece Theater (PBS) series, Downton Abbey. Anna's Promise™ made her debut at the National Licensing Expo in Las Vegas this June. She dazzled the attendees and was the hit of the Expo. Anna's Promise™ is the product of a cross from AARS winner About Face™.

Inspired by big screen and vocal legend, America's Sweetheart Doris Day, this lovely yellow rose beautifully personifies the joyful, charming, and amazingly talented icon. This rose is a sister seedling of Sparkle & Shine™ and Jump for Joy™ making it a powerfully disease resistant plant with super-floriferous attributes. We also honor Doris Day for her altruism through her foundation the Doris Day Animal League. Visit www.DorisDay.com for more information.

Who would of thought Neil Diamond would share his name with a rose that had Rock & Roll™ as its "father?" Coincidence? Destiny? No matter, this is the rose that gets that special spot in the garden as its novel pink and white striped blossoms grab attention and sing to be cut and brought inside. The fragrance is extremely pungent in sweet classic rose essence. Certainly not your ordinary "cracklin' rosie."

Take It Easy™ blasts its way onto the landscape scene in colors of true red with a light pink reverse. The rose comes equipped with superior natural disease to make gardening and yard maintenance a minimal effort. All this and Take It Easy™ is FRAGRANT, too. Is this better than sliced bread, or what?

At last! Above All™ is the answer to the request for a new and improved Westerland climber! This electrifying salmon-orange blend packs all the winter hardiness and disease resistance from its mom, Westerland. Exhibiting increased petal counts, flowers per cluster and wonderful fruity fragrance, Above All™ performs from spring through fall with constant bloom.

Last, but certainly not least, is Weeks' darling, Top of the World™, a mini-climber that is as much at home in a container as it is in the landscape. This orange and yellow bicolor works well in urban environments and small spaces. Do not let its miniature moniker fool you as it is a full flower show from spring through fall brightening the space and getting its "glow-on."