Betty Boop...
Although the name of a rose certainly doesn’t change its color, fragrance or growing habit the idea of a rose “blessed” by a celebrity blooming in your garden does add to the history. After all, before world-renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly agreed to have a rose carry his name you can be certain that the blooms had to match his trademark flashy style. The Chihuly rose is just one of many of Weeks Roses varieties named after entertainers, sports figures, artists and other famous people..

From the sports world we have the melon orange, blushing in red blooms on Chris Evert. With large double blooms this cool weather performer will “serve” up plenty of “love” in your garden.

New favorite Julia Child brings her spice, licorice scent with rich, buttery gold bloom from the kitchen into your garden. This 2006 All-America Rose Selections (AARS) winner is a fantastic yellow rose, hardy and floriferous in all climates.

Entertainers provide us with largest number of celebrity roses. Weeks Roses newest addition is the Legends rose. Oprah Winfrey was involved in the multi-year evaluation and final selection of the Legends Rose. Chosen to pay tribute to the wonderful women honored during Oprah's Legends Weekend. This rose, with her rich ruby red, large blooms will be available for your garden in spring 2009.

The Barbra Streisand rose sings her way into our gardens with large, rich lavender blossoms blushing to a darker tone. With a strong rose and citrus scent this great performer pleases all of our senses.

The feminine beauty of Marilyn Monroe lives today in this diamond of a rose featuring apricot cream blooms. Shapely long pointed buds sit atop long stems making this a great rose to clip and enjoy indoors.

OK, this rose may not have quite the longevity of the “real” George Burns. None the less, this striped rose with yellow, cream, red and pink is sure to put a smile on your face. Just like a well delivered punch line from its cigar toting namesake. Compact yet free-flowering and with a strong fruit and citrus fragrance this whimsical floribunda is a fitting tribute to this centurion.

Do all of our “celebrities” need to be real? You can’t argue that Betty Boop shouldn’t be included as a star, especially since the rose won AARS honors in 1999. With a fun tussle of yellow ivory petals edged in red this reblooming beauty has as much spunk as her namesake character.