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Easy-To-Love® Roses
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     Cinco de Mayo™            See page  38              Make Life Easy!

         cv . WEKcobeju • Pat.#21,709 • Floribunda
     •  Mysteriously colored & deliriously novel
     •  Indescribable blending of smoked lavender &   Easy-To-Grow, Easy-To-Care For
       rusty red-orange
     •  Powerfully flowerful Floribunda               & Naturally Disease Resistant
     Color:     Smoky lavender/rusty red-orange blend
     Height/Habit: Medium/Rounded & bushy
     Bloom/Size:  Medium, in large clusters (About   Plant the Easy-To-Love  Roses in your Landscape & Enjoy
               25 petals)
     Fragrance:   Moderate sweet apple        All the Best Attributes of an Easy-To-Maintain Landscape
     Easy Does It®             See page 40
        cv. HARpageant • Pat.# 22,587 • Floribunda
     •  Delectable colors of mango orange, peach-pink  Easy Spirit™   See page 40  Julia Child             See page 43
       & apricot                               cv. WEKmereadoit • PPAF • Floribunda  cv. WEKvossutono • Pat.#18,473 • Floribunda
     •  Fragrant large colorful clusters atop a rounded
       bushy plant.                        •  Classy white large flowers with a cream base   •  Even butter gold color
     •  Disease resistant glossy green foliage, vigorous       Perfectly formed buds and flowers hold their   •  Licorice candy fragrance
       & flowerful                           beauty throughout the life of the flower  •  Perfectly rounded habit, super glossy leaves
                                                                                    & great disease resistance
     •  AARS Winner—2010                   •  Natural disease resistance across the USA  •  AARS Winner — 2006
     Color:     Mango, peach & apricot blend  •  Upright compact plant with clean glossy
                                             green foliage
     Height/Habit: Medium/Rounded & bushy                                       Color:     Butter gold
     Bloom/Size:  Medium-large, double, ruffled  Color:    White with cream base  Height/Habit: Medium/Very rounded & bushy
               (25 to 30 petals)          Height/Habit: Medium/Upright          Bloom/Size:  Medium/Very full, old fashioned
     Fragrance:   Moderate fruity         Bloom/Size:   Spiraled, formal & double/Large,      (35 plus petals)
                                                     3½-4½ in. diameter (30 to 40 petals)  Fragrance:   Strong licorice candy & spice
     Easy Going™               See page 40  Fragrance:   Mild tea                                          See page 44
                                          Hybridizing:  Tom Carruth—2018—Meredith x Easy  Livin’ Easy®
          cv. HARflow • Pat.#10,478 • Floribunda     Does It                            cv. HARwelcome • Floribunda
     •  Golden peachy-yellow color
     •  Glossy disease resistant foliage on a bushy plant  Easy To Please™   See page 41  •  Glossy green foliage - free from black spot
     •  Great in mass plantings.               cv. WEKfawibyblu • PPAF • Floribunda  •  Blooms up a storm with a scrumptious show
                                                                                   of apricot-orange flowers
     Color:     Golden peachy-yellow       •  High performing rose in multiple climates,  •  Very consistent in all climates
     Height/Habit: Medium/Rounded          •  Classic spiraled fuchsia pink with lighter                       
     Bloom/Size:  Medium-large, double (25 to 30 petals)  reverse flowers       Color:     Apricot-orange blend
     Fragrance:   Moderate fruity          •  Disease resistance surpasses many shrubs  Height/Habit: Medium/Rounded
                                                                                Bloom/Size:  Medium-large/Double (25 to 30 petals)
     Easy on the Eyes™          See page 65  •  Moderate clove fragrance        Fragrance:   Moderate fruity
                                           •  SUPER flowerful, upright and vigorous plant
             cv. WEKswechy • PPAF • Shrub    to near perfection!                Take It Easy®              See page 70
     •  Extremely novel color combo       Color:     Fuchsia pink with lighter reverse  cv. WEKyoopedko • PPAF • Shrub
     •  Floriferous, flowers cover the entire plant   Height/Habit: Medium-tall/ Upright
     •  Disease resistant lovely clean dark green           Bloom/Size:  Decorative & double/ Medium,   •  Dark green, shiny & healthy foliage
       glossy foliage                                around 2½-3 in. diameter, in small   •  Classic red color with a lighter pink reverse
     •  Moderate citrus-like & spices fragrance                     clusters (20 to 30 petals)  •  Excellent vigor, naturally self-maintained habit
                                                                                   & natural disease resistance
     Color:     Medium pink/magenta purple heart  Fragrance:   Moderate clove/hints of cinnamon
     Height/Habit: Medium/Rounded & bushy                                       Color:     Red with lighter reverse/White eye
     Bloom/Size:  Semi-double, medium small in                                  Height/Habit: Medium/Upright & bushy
               clusters (15 to 20 petals)                                       Bloom/Size:  Medium/Globular & cuppy (15 to   9
     Fragrance:   Moderate citrus-like & spices                                            25 petals)
                                                                                Fragrance:   Slight tea
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