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Frida Kahlo ®  - 2018 Floribunda  Introduction

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                             Frida Kahlo®                   Floribunda

                                cv. WEKcifrabaun • PPAF — As an emblematic   Frida-mania by adding a piece of art to your garden
                             artist of Mexico, world-acclaimed painter Frida Kahlo  with the striking vibrant rounded owers
                             needs no further introduction. She once said “I paint   produced abundantly on the compact upright
                             owers so they will not die.” Like the owers she   vigorous plants.
                             immortalized in her art, the rose Frida Kahlo  is a
                             lively and colorful reminder of her enduring spirit.   Color:      Scarlet red striped gold with red
                             Just as Frida is one of the most recognizable artists      blush on ­nish
                             for her unique style, the scarlet red and gold striped   Height/Habit:  Medium/Upright, bushy
                             owers of Frida Kahlo  are also one of a kind in the   Bloom/Size:    Double/Medium-large, 3-4 in.
                             rose world. The swirl of colors intensi­es as the            diameter, in small clusters
                             owers age, adding a red blush as the ­nal touch.            (25 to 40 petals)
                             Like any painting needs a good stand, the owers are   Fragrance:   Mildly fruity
                             set in small clusters on a healthy disease resistant  Hybridizing:   Christian Bédard & Tom Carruth
                                   plant with clean glossy leaves. If you are one of            —2018—(City of San Francisco x
                                   ‘Frida’s followers or simply a rose lover, join the   Baby Love) x Unknown
   6                                         Named with permission of the Frida Kahlo  Corporation, Copyright © 2017
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