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     Rosie the Riveter  ™ -  2018 Floribunda Introduction

                                                                  Rosie the Riveter  Floribunda
                                                                      cv. WEKzazou  PPAF — Rosie the Riveter
                                                                  pays tribute to the women who worked in
                                                                  factories and shipyards during World War II. The
                                                                  old-fashioned owers of orange-gold suused
                                                                  with pink are surely reminiscent of that era. The
                                                                  exquisite pointy and shapely buds are proudly
                                                                  held on top of very glossy dark foliage as a
                                                                     feminine symbol of charm and strength. The
                                                                           moderate fruity & spice scent is the perfect
                                                                                complement to represent a famous
                                                                                   women’s cultural icon. Like the tireless
                                                                                        Rosies, the even rounded plants of
                                                                                          Rosie the Riveter are the workhorse
      Toll-free: 800-992-4409
      Toll-free: 800-992-4409
                                                                                             of the garden, producing an arsenal
                                                                                                       of owers. Maximum ower
                                                                                                               power? Yes, we can do it!
                                                                                                       Orangey-gold suused
                                                                                                   with pink & a gold reverse
                                                                                                            Medium/Rounded  & bushy
                                                                                       3-3½ inch diameter (30 to 45 petals)
                                                                                          Moderate fruit & spice
                                                                                         with a hint of cinnamon
                                                                                       Christian Bédard—2018—
   44                                                                            Hotel California x Distant Drums
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